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That feel when your cats start yelling at you to go to bed because they're cold and want to snuggle up.

...mostly to steal your body heat, of course.

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"Initial releases [of the Amiga UI engine] used blue, orange, white and black palettes. This was intentional […] Commodore tested output on the worst televisions they could find, with the goal of obtaining the best possible contrast under these worst-case conditions."

What if modern software would consider the "worst-case conditions," such as low-end/affordable hardware? Maybe that popular framework (no need to name) that you want to use actually makes it unusable for people on such hardware?

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Shoutout to that time I converted a seriously-clipped-out-loud John Cena audio meme to 32-bit float, amped it even more, and caused headphone users who use their system volume control to cry.

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