So, social network tech/federation idea:

What if, instead of single-instance silos, the fediverse had joinable clusters?

Loosely akin to how joining a torrent and seeding it works, imagine being able to spin up a node, join an existing cluster, set resource limits, and help provide storage, bandwidth, fault tolerance/redundancy, etc. for everyone on that clustered 'instance'?

Pending instance admin approval, of course - assigning your node its own secret key/account, etc.


That way we have resilience against single points of failure for user accounts, we can pool admin resources, while still being able to host our own instance, do our own thing if we choose. Admin teams can be made up of the admins of every (or a subset of) connected node in the clustered instance, and if one or two admins want to bail, the network stays up.

There's still issues over the domain name ownership, load balancing, etc., but still. Just a thought.

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