I never understood the appeal of podcasts. Why listen when you can read an article or blog post much quicker? Accessibility aside, anyway.

Then I realise that some of the video content I watch basically just use games as a background and conversation driver, but really are just video podcasts. Yogscast + Game Grumps in particular.

Egoraptor even talked up getting expensive mics for them because audio quality is their key metric.

Note the success of their animated shorts, right?

Then I look at the big semi-pro studio digital mixer + interface I have, the couple decent condenser mics I've used for vocal tracking, pop filters, etc., and yeah - I've done streams with them before, but these were mostly for music... what if I recorded my own podcast for fun?

Wait, I have... not much to talk about that anyone would care to listen to. I hate my voice. I'm just looking for an excuse to play with my tools.

...but is that so bad? I can talk nonsense into the void just fine.

Who knows. Maybe I'll pick a short topic and ramble about it as a test.

I've also always wanted to record + narrate some technical training videos for work, too. Hmm.

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