@Temrin e.g. I followed you after you sent your first toot, so by default my feed just shows nothing: social.kithop.ca/media/XAHnh1q

However, if I click your profile picture, it opens a tab with your actual feed as it is on the mastodon.social instance, which shows everything you've made public:


@Temrin There's a special 'Federated timeline' that is 'everything my instance knows about every other instance in a global feed'. I don't use it that much, because on a big server like yours it can be pretty spammy. Think of that kind of like Twitter's 'trending'.

@Temrin Typically, think of following someone as more subscribing to all *future* content from that point. The reason being, with no real central server (it's all decentralized/federated), your instance basically sends a request to their instance going 'please send me copies of everything this person makes public so I can include them in my feed'.

Kithop @kithop

@Temrin You can imagine after a couple years, you don't want to be 'please send me all their old stuff for the past X years too' unless you go digging for it, hence having to actually visit their profile page on their home instance to see 'old' stuff.

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