I dug out an old TV Tuner I had in storage - an ATI TV Wonder from 1999, shoved it in the old Core2Duo machine that has memory/chipset/something issues, and after a lot of wrangling with IRQ conflicts (yanked the Sound Blaster, moved the tuner up to take its slot), PCI bus errors (disabled the onboard secondary NIC), and driver configs (I hate systemd)... it actually 'works', kinda.

320x240@29.97 interlaced, and OBS/x264 actually struggles on ultrafast on this machine.



The card has RF (ew), Composite (seen here, meh), and S-Video (!) inputs. I'm sure even S-Video will still look like hot garbage, but man, I could potentially set this up to stream all my old games from if I really wanted.

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