I spent a large chunk of in bed, napping or just plain going to bed early like an old person.

I brought a bunch of electronics/gaming gear for our room that hardly got used.

I kinda went 'eh, that's neat, but not really my thing' at the vast majority of panels and events. I bought an obligatory T-shirt and that's about it.

I think some of the personal issues I had left a bad taste in my mouth, though I've been assured things are changing.

I'm on the fence about next year.

I guess it comes down to how things actually change over the next year. But part of me feels like I do about the brony fandom - I enjoyed the *content* but not necessarily my fellow fans of said content.

Furry is different in that we create our own content to share.

I say 'we'; I don't even have a ref sheet and I don't know how well my fursona really fits 'me' anymore.

Maybe I'm overthinking things but I do find myself drifting into hermitdom lately, and yet I'm okay with that.

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