musician/guitar gear 'porn' 

🇨🇦 politics, wildfires, climate change, TMX, sarcastic (-) 

'food' art (non-veg), YouTube, LGBTQ+ meme (+) 

Tech/Computing Smartphone PSA, Google, ads 

food (veg) 

🇨🇦/🌻 politics 

That took a lot longer than I thought it would, but huzzah - TV is now wall mounted on a fancy arm thing.

tech, computing, internet speed 

anxiety, ASD, self-diagnosis / concern? 

computing, technology, internet 'porn' (speedtest), selfie-esque (Arin Hanson), not-really-ec 

EV tech strangeness, weird noise? 

EV incentive stuff, HOV (+) 

job opportunity thing 

learning to EV (~/+) 

ChargePoint lets me use the most appropriate icon for my car. :D

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