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@kd Yeeeah. That looks like an inter-city bus (i.e. Greyhound)? Just the styling.

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@ludantored Sounds like a supportive dad! ❤️

I've never really attempted to make one myself, but I have a friend who loves to post tutorials and even some templates on her site if you're interested!

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@crashdoom Pretty sure my dad is *super* happy about pulling his entire set of UK pensions in full a year or two ago. D:

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@Sir_Boops ..torrent when? I could help seed after and flex on my 300Mbit fibre line. ;p

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@Sir_Boops Nah. Bandcamp, though, for those sweet, sweet FLACs.

And a pile of actual physical CDs I've ripped over the years.

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A win for #opensource in Canada.

* Favour open source solutions
* Favour non-prorietary solutions
* Source for custom-built solutions must be released under open source licenses through Government of Canada sites

See C.2.3.8 for the relevant clauses:

@Sir_Boops I could also see an EV pickup truck being amazing. Instant shittons of torque starting at 0rpm. Simple, sturdy-as-balls single gear drivetrain (no need for even a reverse gear, motor can go backwards directly!).

It's all about the energy storage + range at this point. Waiting on batteries to get better/more economical for it to really take off.

@Sir_Boops Oh yeah, I mean - they have to be computer controlled, really, by their very nature these days. I definitely want to make sure whatever I get is neutered from calling home over LTE or whatnot if at all possible, infotainment crap is as basic as possible, etc.

If you need a truck or jeep or whatever, too, then yeah - there's no one serving those as EVs really just yet. I wish! It'd be sweet to have an EV 'band van' for touring.

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@Sir_Boops I guess. I'm hoping it'll be kind of a moot point as we all shift over to EVs over on this side of the rockies. :p I don't drive enough to care either way, honestly (just groceries, doctors, and family visits), but this car I have now is definitely the last gas-burner I'll own.

@Sir_Boops $1.19 here, but probably more like $1.35-1.40 ish in Metro Vancouver because of their transit taxes.

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