@SuricrasiaOnline I wonder if this is related to the tendency to capitalize the name 'DooM'...

mastodon meta silliness, Nazi ment., cursing 

mastodon meta silliness, Nazi ment. 

@Galuade Their FAQ is good, too, with reminders about stuff like... you'll see overlap a lot because of seasonal migrations and the whole concept of 'land ownership' being a colonial thing. So borders are usually pretty fuzzy, etc.

@weirdoslam I haven't been following whatever this is since I blocked them pretty much immediately anyhow. Honestly just feel free to do the same and move on. Take care of yourself! ❤️

re: Centrism, Gab meta 

@Galuade 'rugia' (Lugia) and 'metarugia' (Metal Gear) maybe?

offering advice/assistance 

silly, meme, politics/fascism-adj 

(also, I love that I can deliberately go 'you know, I want to say what's on my mind but not spam the FTL with it, so I'll just post unlisted' and then it just ends up getting boosted to heck anyway. ❤️ you all, even if I'm only stating the obvious. ;p)

Centrism, Gab meta 

@Jantu Hate speech is not free speech. Fork it and kindly get fucked. ;D

On EVs, public chargjng, and range anxiety 

On EVs, public chargjng, and range anxiety 

Ubuntu and x86 32-bit support 

Ubuntu and x86 32-bit support 

@Kat Yeah, there's a reason one of my controller's triggers is squeaky now. <.<

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