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@AzureHusky I mean, think of it this way: It was so popular they sold out ridiculously quickly (?) - I'd be looking at that going 'right, we hit a winner here - restock lots more before we miss out on further sales!'

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why does windows install to C:\ by default? why not A:\? and why use letters at all? (medium-long, serious) Show more

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@cozykaffe Hey! Thrash is awesome!

...wait, shit. If I had kids..

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our child just gave me a handful of purple flowers he pulled out of the yard and ran off. As I said thank you he called out "A boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do!" as he bounced away down the hall.

which is the most positive use of that phrase I think I've ever heard.

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@Sir_Boops *slowly melting under an up to 75mm rainfall warning with no end in sight* Yyyup... ;p

@SuperCee I genuinely keep going like 'this is adorable and I want to play it' ... '...but I have a gajillion other games I haven't played yet' ... 'but this is supporting an indie dev' ...

@cozykaffe The last (?) residential school was here in the city I live in now.

They only closed it in 1994.

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@Sir_Boops I haven't looked at Ardour in a while... yeah, DAWs can suck. Rather, JACK/ALSA/Pulseaudio suck compared to CoreAudio. Or even ASIO. Man did Apple nail that one.

@Sir_Boops I mean, I'm watching the KDE peeps rearchitecting KDEnlive and wishing them success because holy heck do we need a decent FLOSS NLE for video that doesn't suck (or crash constantly).

GIMP and Inkscape are like.. decent enough, I thought, for what they do?

Blender... I don't have a clue how to use but it seems super legit.

What else does Adobe do that people want?

@Sir_Boops It's almost like it's better than Windows for a huge number of situations. ;p

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