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@Zeny Win95's clouds.bmp for me, though I don't think it *actually* defaulted to it, just a plain teal.

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@msk If you're going fast-paced, I'd recommend going no higher than 720p @ 60fps. Even at 6000kb/s, 1080p @ 60fps can look like a smeary mess.

6Mbit/s, 1080p30 for strategy/simulation/etc. games or 720p60 for action games is currently my go-to.

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@msk That should make a *huge* difference. Slight degradation in quality, but there's a mostly-dedicated encoding circuit in your GPU using that, rather than making your main CPU do all the work in software.

I wouldn't use it for say, transcoding a movie offline or something, but it's designed for streaming.

@msk Bitrate shouldn't be the big factor in encoding speed/load on your PC, but if you're worried, you may want to use a hardware encoder offload if you have it.

Instead of Software (x264), do you have options for Intel QuickSync (if an Intel CPU), AMD VCE (if AMD GPU) or NVENC (if nVidia GPU)? If so, and you're not already - try switching to those first, that helps *immensely*.

If you can only do software/x264, try switching the preset from e.g. 'veryfast' to 'superfast' or 'ultrafast'

@msk Depends on the other end, basically - Twitch usually only offers transcoding as 'best effort' for people who aren't partnered, while YouTube I think has it for everyone.

If you're streaming at a much higher bitrate than your viewer's download speed, they'll get lag/stuttering/etc. without the streaming service supporting transcoding your stream down to a lower bitrate (and resolution) for them.

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