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@Sir_Boops I was expecting just this as an image:

@WeeMadHamish @Sir_Boops Being Canadian, my initial mental image was... very disturbing.

Not that the other one isn't.

I had actually gotten to the point where I was doing a right-click, 'Open Terminal Here', and then manually starting CLI vim on the file.

It took a few months, but it finally clicked - what the *heck* am I doing? XD

For the longest time, my desktop was set to open plain-text files by default in Notepad.

This would be fine, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm on Linux, and it was firing up Wine to do so.

Fiiiine, I'll emerge gvim... <.<

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My nephew has an ipad.

He asked his dad how to write games. His dad didn't know. His dad asked me how to write games on an iPad. I told him not to bother.

My nephew asked me how to learn to write games.

I gave him a raspberry pi and a copy of pico 8.

Now he writes computer games.

He couldn't do that on his iPad.

@thomas I got an unofficial 8.1 upgrade on my old Nexus 6 when the LineageOS guys released it. Didn't even expect it. It's... neat I guess, but it feels more like a tiny incremental upgrade over 7.

Also, the changes to icons are dumb. So many Google apps now have their icons shrunk down and surrounded by useless white borders to fill a circle or whatever. Oh well.

Security updates and such are still good, though, so huzzah!

@Sir_Boops Unfortunately it's going to be the kind of thing where they'll need money to roll their own infrastructure in friendly countries. And it's not going to help the real underlying issues with the unfriendly countries (though their existence helps in the interim).

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Matrix developers have confirmed that a secure chat app developed by French government will be based on the Riot client.

@maloki Silly technical arguments I'm seeing aside, we genuinely appreciate everything you guys do. <3

My pain point really right now is to do with deploying, and that revolves around things like package management. I probably should have understood more about what a Ruby on Rails app is like, but coming from a 'drop this PHP webapp down and hook it up to MySQL/Postgres', this is pretty rough. :(

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@Sir_Boops So yeah, if I'm going to migrate off of Mastodon, it'll be one of those three. I don't need yet-another-VM or yet-another-language to worry about on this box.

But only if there's a maintained FreeBSD port. I go where that goes I guess. :p

@Sir_Boops @ceralor Apparently I should be looking at the other entries here:

Friendica -> PHP
GNU social -> PHP
postActiv -> PHP

... I'm missing something here. I know GNU social was deliberately too close, API wise, to birdsite, warts and all.

@Sir_Boops @ceralor I do! Hell, I still live them, for literally *everything else* on my server.

Mastodon is the one pain in the ass to update, and only slightly less so because of some ultra-heroic efforts by the FreeBSD port maintaner(s) to bludgeon the whole Ruby gem situation into submission.

@Sir_Boops @ceralor PHP has its own problems, sure, but the way webapps came out of it, from a packaging and deployment (i.e. SysOp) perspective, it's great.

Any webserver of: (Apache/NGINX/etc.), Any DB of (MySQL/Postgres/SQLite/etc.), php-fpm, aaand go.

None of this 'run a build script that fetches all sorts of libraries/gems/whatever from the internet'. Let me shove it in a .deb, .rpm, or portfile and install it from an isolated network with minimal fuss. x.x