@exo @shel Yeah, I totally get that. There's something to be said for being relatively consistent, though. :)

@shel Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath fame is a long-standing vegan, wrote the vast majority of their lyrics. Lots of anti-war protest (War Pigs, Paranoid, Children of the Grave). Ironically, they were genuinely afraid of stuff like Satan, and later songs reflected that (e.g. After Forever).

Punk especially has a lot of similar themes. Look at Rise Against, or Bad Religion for good examples.

@shel There's a *lot* of metal and punk that is not-so-secretly kind/gentle/caring. Metalheads cuddling and loving their pet cats. Stopping a set mid-show if they can see someone having a rough time in the moshpit to get everyone to help them out. Standing up against misogyny and abuse; we're not afraid to throw some creep out if they're groping women, for example. A lot of lyrical content around how society is collapsing around us, but with a call-to-arms that we can fix it.

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@Sir_Boops How long until the app has a back door cryptominer to fund itself?

Time to ditch it for Matrix / Riot.

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"Young people are giving up on democracy because democracy isn’t working for young people. It is giving them a false choice between peasantry and serfdom — thinking itself very clever, indeed — but that precisely is why they are rejecting it."

Managed to set up a Matrix/Synapse server and get Riot working. Huzzah.

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Software development is sick at heart. I (as a developer) once lead multiple projects that met their deadlines.

This was not rewarded. It was harshly punished. You see, because we weren’t late, obviously I had overestimated dates and needed to halve my estimates.

The idea of developers not working what would essentially be 40 extra hours of unpaid overtime per week, was seen as wasteful and undesirable. The idea of a hard-working on-time team being rewarded was unthinkable. 1/?

@Sir_Boops Um, when @jrm got the FreeBSD port working (thanks!), I chose mine.

I mean, installed. ;p

Fun log entry when restarting my Mastodon server...
"DEPRECATION: The cocaine gem is deprecated. Please upgrade to terrapin. See for further instructions."

Really? Someone made a rubygem called 'cocaine' and we rely on it?

But, you know, Enterprise Ready™ and all.

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"I'm not a furry but...."

Does that totally make me a furry?