@spottyfox Specifically the white/green/purple/orange-gold colouring, at least.

@spottyfox Every time I've heard about this people say the original is Diablo (1996), then WoW made it more widespread.

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reminder that there's no such thing as 'hatewatching,' or dragging an ad, or quote-tweeting some racist politician. there's literally an entire school of 'outrage-based advertisting' that seeks to exploit your reactions because hating something enough to yell about it manipulates people into getting more eyes on the thing they're hawking. the idea that you Have To Respond is a brain-divot they're trying to sneak in through.

you know what does work? deplatforming.

@scanlime @shoofle Pretty much this.

Below 0°C? Maybe snow. Above 0°C? Probably not.

Everything 0-100 = 'how close to literally boiling our butts off outside is it'

I don't understand the abritrary 32°F / 68°F / 212°F stuff. 0, 20, 100. Easy. ;p

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What do you call it when you see someone cooking on your lawn without asking you and you get angry at them? 

re gaming, transphobia (-/~) 

re: gaming, transphobia (-/~) 

gaming, transphobia (-/~) 

YouTube 'celebrity', MLP, questionable 

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List of every domain they're connected to currently, re: ALERT TO RELAY RUNNING INSTANCES, re: Domain block recommendation: Violation of GDPR and invasion of privacy, intentionally trying to make fediverse searchable (opening up users to harassment) 

Controversial fashion opinion 

Controversial fashion opinion 

@SangriaSnake I remember paying something like $200+ really early on for their like... Patron... level? thing that waived the monthly fees. Then they switched to F2P and I guess I get a stipend of their currency instead.

The original, pre-Cryptic version of STO was what I was most excited for, and I'm torn on what ended up coming out with the restart. The gameplay itself still feels clunky to me, but the storytelling and *heart* is there. They genuinely try to explore non-violent stories.

@cozykaffe Here's a quick and dirty magic-wand-mask thing that could use cleanup, for example

@cozykaffe What are you exporting to?

PNG supports transparency but JPG doesn't, for example.

Cursed sex scene from a Bill O'Reilly book but captioned by the new OCR feature 

@Mooncake Townsends is a great channel, yeah! And it's.. I guess kind of like bulgur/buckwheat/couscous in a way? I've made plain oatmeal without adding any sugar, just a pinch of salt, and I can see how this would work.

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