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Installing/upgrading things on my desktop, and I see 'kdesu'.

I instantly read it as 'k desu' instead of the actual, 'KDE su'.


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Wondering if it's worth it to claim my British citizenship-by-descent (both parents are British, and were married when I was born here in Canada after '83).

Apparently it's 'automatic', as in, I could up with the relevant birth/marriage certificates and it's just like 'yup, here you go'. No registration beyond that, no UK passport.

Shouldn't have to give up my Canadian stuff either.

But...I can't get travel insurance because of my health, and I don't see my extended family.

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our CEO Todd Weaver: "You’re starting to question the moral values of #BigTech. You and your friends probably have a growing feeling of creepiness about the tech giants who have — like a poorly-acted villain — told you one thing, and given you another..."

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... 12-year-old me was over 20 years ago.


I never thought I'd say this, but even the 150Mbps I had at the start felt like 'more than fast enough' for what I do.

300Mbps even moreso, because e.g. YouTube won't even ingest faster than about 190Mbps, it seems, so something's bottlenecked there that's not my end.

Updating games in e.g. Steam or whatever, if it's on the slower HDD... the HDD itself is the damned bottleneck sometimes!

12-year-old me would have his mind *blown* by today's tech.

Huh. So Telus is now offering 'Gigabit' (well, ~960/750) FttH here, but only for the dynamic-IP 'Residential' side so far.

I only *just* recently had my Small Business fibre bumped up from 150/150 to the then-new 300/300 plan (that's... cheaper??) that's still the fastest they show for offer on their site.

For now.

I'm sure in another couple months they'll offer 750Mbps+ on the Small Business (i.e. unlimited usage / static IPs) side. :D

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Kashmir Hill continues cutting out #BigTech: "I do have a computer, one that I can use for the final two weeks of the experiment: a Librem 13, made by a company called Purism that is fiercely opposed to the tech giants..." #SurveillanceCapitalism

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weather shitpost/sarcasm 

Nothing like getting spam from some cellphone network IP and getting to block the entire /16 from ever interacting with your mailserver again.

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Hm. Did the latest nightly (I have 4.1-22ee1dc) break home timeline refreshes for anyone else?

Federated Timeline is fine, and web UI on my laptop here is OK. Server seems fine (Mastodon v2.7.1).

Everyone talking about trans rights but all I see are lots of trans left[ist]s. 🤔


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