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Southwestern :britishcolumbiaflag: 🔌🚙🔋 - EV mini roadtrip bonus 🎞️ 

Southwestern :britishcolumbiaflag: 🔌🚙🔋 - EV mini roadtrip photos 

LGBTQ2+, Pride, mainstream news (some EC in photos) on an :nonbinary_flag: NB teen, :britishcolumbiaflag: (article: +, comments: -/~) 

music, Spotify link 

My first real exposure to ska, I think. :p

1998! (I played the PC version with a full on joystick back in 'day)

tech, computing, app dev/cryptography question, work-related (replies OK!) 

tech, computing, app dev/cryptography question, work-related (replies OK!) 

All the posts about horribly built McMansions or Home Depot DIY special hellhouses just reminds me of all the little things I've noticed over the years about my own place that bug me.

Walls that aren't actually perpendicular to each other.

Rooms where the roofline doesn't line up with the centre of the window.

Trim pieces that don't line up with the walls they're connected to, necessitating little triangles of drywall to fill odd gaps.

That's not even counting 20+ years of foundation sink.

lewd, silly FTL meta 

education, open access, textbooks, mainstream media link, :britishcolumbiaflag: , 🇨🇦 (+++) 

(silly) I know everything sucks 

ph, exercise (+) 

ph, exercise (+) 

climate change, EV buses in :britishcolumbiaflag:, mainstream media news (+) 

animals (waterfowl), lakeside, no-EC 

climate change (tangentially), EV charging (+) 

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